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D-SPLICER offers a range of specialized rope splicing products for sailors and riggers. As the development of fibers for ropes has taken off in the last decades, new splicing tools are required. Our pulling needles are complimentary to the conventional fids. The unique double needle clamps your line and makes it easy to pull through.…
28/07/2017 · Samson recommends splicing as the preferred rope termination method. Knots can significantly decrease a ropes strength while, in most cases, splicing maintains 100% of the specified rope …
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SAMSON SPICING INSTRUCTIONS Class I ropes are made from any or all of the following fibers: olefin, polyester, or nylon. Note: This splice is not suitable for core-dependent double braid constructions (Double Braid Class II). For double braid Class I products over 2″ in diameter, contact Samson for specialty splice instructions.

This manual includes a complete set of splicing and repair instructions for most standard arborist ropes Descriptive, well-illustrated step-by-step instructions Full-color Samson Rope Identification chart; There is a Rope Retirement Visual Guide and check list Covers 30 difference splices grouped by rope construction
With over 200 years of technical knowledge and rope care expertise, Marlow’s highly anticipated Guide to Splicing, endorsed by Dame Ellen MacArthur is an indispensible instruction manual for all sailors and boat owners. Detailed illustrations and stage by stage instructions will guide even the most novice of sailors through a variety of recommended splices that will ensure their ropes are used
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14/11/2016 · If there isn’t enough space in the mast for a thicker halyard, use a singlebraid Dyneema rope instead of a steel wire lead becaus…
Splicing tools and Splicing tools and accessories Splicebook 06|7 accessories Types and uses The splicing tools for braided ropes are differentiated according to the task they have to fulfil. The splicing fid for twisted ropes forms openings beneath the strands, whereas the fid and pusher for a braided rope …
Samson #996-006 Splicing Manual The full-color Samson Rope Identification chart, featuring 56 different ropes and their corresponding construction and class designation. 208 pages of (30) different splices covering 8 types of rope construction.
The Samson Back Splice is a neat and permanent way to terminate the end of a line. It is flexible and can be tapered to reduce bulk. To make a Back Splice half as long as described, use half measurements. 1 measuring and marking step step2 extracting the core Bend rope sharply at Point X. With pusher or any sharp tool such as an ice pick, awl, or marlin spike, separate cover strands to expose

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A manual on splicing “WorkSafe.” Previously published under title: Splicing manual. 1992. ISBN 0-7726-3459-9A 1. Knots and splices – British Columbia. I. Workers’ Compensation Board of British Columbia. II. Title: Splicing manual. VM533.M36 1998 623.888’2 C98-960021-1. SPLICINGA MANUAL ON. ii. iii About the WCB Preventing on-the-job injury and disease is the first priority of the
Introduction Splicing Dyneema is simple providing you take it a step at a time. All the tools you need are shown in the picture above. Working from the top we have a sharp pair of scissors or you can use a sharp knife (it’s surprisingly tough to cut), a large darning needle (this was the prototype, and we now use a shorter one), a “fid” – a pointy tubular tool for threading one rope
This Samson Ropes Splicing Manual includes a complete set of splicing and repair instructions for most of the ropes Samson carries and most 3-strand, 6-strand, 8-strand, 12-strand, 16-strand, Round Plait rope and Double Braid rope. Descriptive instructions and detailed illustrations provide you with clear steps for easily splicing rope while in
SAMSON SPLICING INSTRUCTIONS DOCUMENT ToolsMaterials_Required.pdf FID LENGTH DEFINITION The length of the splicing tool, called a “fid,” may or may not have a 1:1 correlation with the fid length for a given rope diameter. The “fid length” for a rope is calculated as 21 times the rope diameter. As the rope diameter increases, so does the
STRENGTH IN SPLICING. Samson recommends splicing as the preferred rope termination method. Knots can significantly decrease a ropes strength while, in most cases, splicing maintains 100% of the specified rope strength. Splice terminations are used in all our ropes …
Learning to splice broadens your ability to adapt and create tools for whatever needs arise. The Samson Splicing manual is a handy, sturdy, lay-flat guide to splicing all types of rope. Follow these clear, helpful diagrams you’ll be creating your own eye-splices, rope-to-chain splices, long splices and much more.

SAMSON SPICING INSTRUCTIONS 1 STEP Using these measurements do the Locked Brummel Splice. Directions are as follows: SPLICING FIXED EYE AmSteel® and AmSteel ®-Blue Whoopie Slings have a break strength of 70% of the published average rope break strength.
For over 140 years, Samson has been known as the worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of high-performance ropes. Because of their focus on R&D…
14/10/2017 · Very good book. Excellent illustrations and written. Illustration on all types of ropes. I will advise anyone who is going to splice any of the braided ropes to purchase the proper size fid for your diameter rope. Last comet go to Samson u-tube channel and type in the type of rope you want to splice and they have a video (a video says it all).
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For those wishing to splice their own ropes, we have produced a comprehensive splicing guide and range of splicing tutorials (scroll down to view) detailing a range of splicing methods. For hands-on splicing demonstrations, visit the Marlow stand at any of our shows and exhibitions throughout the year, or sign up to attend a Marlow Rope-Show held across the UK at sailing clubs once per month.
Class II rope constructions consist of high modulus fibers such as Dyneema®, Technora®, and Vectran ®. It is absolutely critical that the proper splicing technique be used when splicing Class II ropes. Refer to the Samson Splicing Manual, Splicing Instruction DVDs, or for full details on the appropriate splice for your rope.
Free, downloadable instructions for splicing Samson arborist ropes. These PDF instructiosn cover eye splices for 16-strand, 12-strand, and 24-strand arborist ropes. If you are looking to learn to splice arborist ropes, these instructions will get you started on the right foot.

the samson story. In 1878, JP Tolman, a member of MIT’s first graduating class, founded the JP Tolman Company. Just five years later he’d patent a new switch braiding machine that would help launch what would become Samson. Today, we remain the leader in high-performance synthetic ropes.
Samson Splicing Manual Covering a variety of rope constructions and splicing tecniques, this is one of the most comprehensive splicing books out there. With rope ID and inspection charts, it’s a great book weather you’re a splicing newb or a seasond pro.
Importance of Proper Rope Selection, Handling, Inspection, and Retirement Maximizing the safety and service life begins with selecting the right rope, managing its proper functionality through optimal handling practices, and retiring it from service at the appropriate time—dictated by the characteristics of its application. Ropes are serious
Samson’s splicing instructions – start here if you are looking how to perform New England’s double braid eye splice · A great collection of videos from Premium Ropes. Free, downloadable instructions for splicing Samson arborist ropes. These PDF instructiosn cover eye splices for 16-strand, 12-strand, and 24-strand arborist. The Samson
13/07/2016 · LANEX rope DF 2 – 5 mm
This manual is a result of a partnership between Samson’s marketing/design team and R&D staff to create user-friendly directions for the latest splicing techniques. It includes a complete set of splicing and repair instructions for most standard arborist ropes. Descriptive, well-illustrated step-by-step instructions will have you splicing rope
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Brummel Eye Splice with Dyneema – 1 End. This method of creating a Brummel Eye Splice is recommended for 12 strand single braid high modulus fibre ropes, namely our SupreemX-12 and Vectro-12 ropes. This variation of the Brummel Eye Splice is necessary when it is not possible to work with both ends of the rope to complete the splice.

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21/10/2019 · Samson Rope Splicing Manual . Eye Splice For Class 1, 3 Strand Ropes; Long Splice For Class 1, 3 Strand Ropes
length a rope diameter and hold it in place with cross-stitching. use the same material as the cover braid if available, or waxed whipping thread. General Splicing Tips Tools Required Whipping Rope Handling Use Rope Broom Handle Pull rope from reel directly, not from side. To avoid kinking, coil rope in figure eight for storage or take on deck.
Now roll and pound well. Finally cut the strands off close to the rope. final tucking tapering and finishing the splice Marriage point Finished splice 4 tucks Tuck each strand 4 times Tuck each strand 4 times Tuck each strand 4 times DOCUMENT 3Strand_C1_Long Splice_AUG2012.pdf
Do you want to learn how to splice rope? Are you a pro who wants a great reference manual to keep around? This is THE splicing bible. Everything you would want to know about every rope to splice is right here in this handy book. A must have item.


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