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15/12/2015 · GLM floor plan in combination with the GLM 100 C Professional laser measure offers you the optimum solution for creating floor plans or checking that existing ones are up to …
Bosch GLM 50 Professional Laser Rangefinders The Bosch GLM 50 laser rangefinders from Bosch are ideal for every professional user who wants to take exact measurements quickly: equipped with state-of-the-art laser technology, Bosch rangefinders deliver results with maximum precision and reliability.
50 . IP 54 . 1/4″ integrated . Bluetooth™ Smart . Battery and power. Power supply . 1 x 3.6 V Li-Ion battery (3120 mAh) Size and weight. Weight, approx. 0.21 kg . Product highlights. The smart solution for measuring and documenting surroundings, even outdoors. Digital viewfinder with zoom function allows for precision over large distances, outdoors and in complex surroundings; High-contrast
Bosch GLM 50 Professional manual available for free PDF download: Original Instructions. Both the Bosch GLM 50 and Dewalt Dw03050 are designed for the same purpose. strap, belt pouch, a manual and two AAA batteries for powering purposes. Bosch GLM 50 Laser Distance Measurer with 165-Feet Range and Backlit Display The new GLM35 comes with batteries, a manual and a much larger book. GLM 100 C

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User manual. Download the user manual for the GLM 50 C Professional (PDF 108 MB) Download. Product data sheet. Download the product data sheet for the GLM 50 C Professional. Download. 3 Year Warranty: Register your tool just in a few clicks. Professional Bosch power tools and lithium-ion batteries including chargers meet the highest quality demands. For this reason, we offer you a special
GLM 30 (PDF 11.6 Mo) Télécharger Ceci pourrait également vous intéresser Rapides. Faciles à utiliser. Précis. Instruments de mesure professionnels Bosch. Les instruments de mesure professionnels Bosch allient rapidité, précision, facilité d’utilisation et vous permettent d’être plus performants que jamais. En savoir plus. Une nouvelle façon de mesurer. La précision est
EASY MENUS. Unlike the other deluxe laser measures I’ve tested, the new GLM 50 C is a joy to navigate. Other than the measuring reference button (which sets the device to measure from the front, the back, or the tripod socket) and the Bluetooth button, all basic settings and …
01/05/2016 · We take a look at the new Bosch GLM 50 C. It is a realtime bluetooth distance measuring device that is perfect for any application up to 165 feet. Check it o…
GLM is a header only library, there is nothing to build to use it which increases its cross platform capabilities. To use GLM, a programmer only have to include . This provides all the GLSL features implemented by GLM. GLM is a header only library that …
The new replacement for the GLM 80 is the GLM 100 C but, as as I can’t ever remember measuring anything over 35m, I went for the GLM 50 C and, with the money saved bought a BT 250 tripod (review posted here) for use with it and my line lasers. It’s a tiny little thing (45x106mm). Even smaller than the already compact 80 so fits descretely in
GLM 50 C Laserové merače vzdialenosti Rýchly a efektívny prenos údajov cez Bluetooth, Jednoduchá manipulácia s vylepšeným používateľským rozhraním a osvetleným, otočným farebným displejom, Široká funkcionalita vrátane funkcie vytyčovania a 360° snímača sklonu pre …
29/11/2015 · The Bosch Laser Measuring Tool model GLM 50 C is made of lightweight plastic and has a rubberized button control panel. The back of the device has an …
GLM is a header only library that makes a heavy usage of C++ templates. This design may significantly increase the compile time for files that use GLM. Hence, it is important to limit GLM inclusion to header and source files that actually use it. Likewise, GLM extensions should be included only in program sources using them.

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12/05/2017 · GLM 50 C BLAZE 165-Foot Bluetooth Laser Measure Whether it’s the upgraded back-lit color display or Bluetooth technology that’s compatible with the free Bosch MeasureOn app, this is a laser measure that’s ready for anything.

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